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Desc:poor guy
Category:Pets & Animals, Humor
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Comment count is 12
dupe but an awesome dupe
aw really? I did a google search and everything...sorry

[jellyneck lies down in defeat]


La Loco
Can I has gravity of defeat?

La Loco
Gravity of defeat? what? why do we want gravity of defeat?

Caminante Nocturno
Gravity of Defeat is La Loco's magical girl attack.

awww.. my old cat used to do this all of the time

I always figured it was because he was too lazy to lie down properly, but maybe it was a sign of existential defeat
I'm guessing it's where they got the name, but my ragdoll will constantly do that.

Frank Rizzo
you can almost hear the expletives.

This is the feline equivalent of me not making it to the subway train in time and quickly pretending I was actually just going for some Snickers wrapping on the ground
Hah! I love cats! Do you guys on this site like cats too? I feel at home already!
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