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Desc:Talking taxidermy. What were they thinking?
Category:Horror, Pets & Animals
Tags:Robots, animatronic, cringevision, creepy animals
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Caminante Nocturno
We're the bears who sing for Duke.
Drinking moonshine 'til we puke.

oh jesus no
Influence Device TIMR
is there even a word for robot animal phobia
Influence Device TIMR
because there SHOULD be.

First diddy is Sung to the tune of David Allen Coe's "Make Linda Lovelace gag"
Country Bear Jamboree is a linked tag
People are applauding the robot bears. People are ENTERTAINED by this.
what's worse is that Disney has kept up this "amusement" formula since then. It's basically turned entertainment into corralling people into a theater, turning off the lights, pressing a button to make robots do a pre-programmed show, turning the lights on and kicking people out to let the next group in right behind them to be "entertained".

As for format, that also is just cloning this to be music numbers, wisecracks, "audience participation" (clap along!), and some stuff talking and singing on the walls or back of the theater. Basically, Disney becomes Chuck E Cheese Deluxe

Hammer Falls
They have nothing on The Rock-Afire Explosion!
Evil Dead the Ride.
I thought it was a trailer for Fallout: New Vegas.

Boomer The Dog
Not only the Jamboree, they also have a movie called Country Bears. I've wondered what the original Jamboree looked like.
Ugh, were is Sam and Max when you need em?
Sat through this with my wife and kid, and it served its purpose, which was to keep us dry from the brief rain that had kicked up.

My 4 year old was pretty much indifferent to it (the show that is). If I would have seen something like this when I was 4 my brain would have melted. Times have changed.

Plan B
Disney was originally going to expand on the Country Bear mythos by having an infrared gun ride with the characters. Premise: the riders head into the swamp where the evil moonshiner bears live and bust up their stills.

Instead, they built Splash Mountain and this Chuck-E-Cheese show hasn't had a rehab in decades. Why does Disney only ever greenlight their lame ideas?
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