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Desc:An old PortalofEvil legend has a new monetary invention to solve America's monetary problems.
Category:News & Politics, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:Insane, money, portal of evil, economy, Alex Chiu
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indigo11274 (23 hours ago)
Your hair sucks, just buzz it off. It's way gay now. I don't know if anyone in your life would tell you that, but trust me it's bad, buzz it all off and you'll look better.

That is some great crazy right there.
my feedback is :

It definitely worse a hundred dollars.
He's still around? Those immortality bracelets must work afterall.
This is actually quite brilliant monetary policy.

the Federal Reserve cannot lower interest rates below zero bound despite whatever the Taylor rule may say rates should be (and by most estimates the Taylor rule told us that at the height of the financial crisis the Federal Funds Rate should have been negative 5%) because at 0% cash becomes a store of value versus short term bonds. One solution to this is to somehow have a negative return on cash.

and Voila

Except that the Taylor rule says that rates are currently too low. He's about a year too late.

a flaming monkey
Why not just give China and Japan Disney dollars? Japan already has a Disney World to spend it in, and apparently China is getting one soon! Yay! :)
a flaming monkey
Better yet, why not fix an actual time bomb to the $$$Patriot Dollars$$$ so that if anyone is dumb enough to actually accept the currency they get blown to fuck.

Think about this. Money is just paper. I mean it's LITERALLY paper. So why don't we just print billion dollars worth of new money, and voila! problem solved.

You're welcome.
Better yet, just don't pay these debts!

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