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Desc:As seen in the hit TV commercial!
Category:Classic TV Clips, Horror
Tags:Singing, mcdonalds, fish, why the terrorists hate us, club remix bonus track
Submitted:Space Ratcatcher
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Comment count is 16

Could you imagine the hatred you must feel if you're the 19 year old chinese farm girl making these things every fucking day.
Dear God, I need to stop reading comments while drinking.

This is so evil, but it's about time they started invading as many aspects as possible of our lives.
i hate
Fuck this thing. Seriously.
I'd fap to that.

If we get six more people, Jonathan Frakes, and that chick that played Ezri Dax in here and it'll be a hell of an orgy.

Caminante Nocturno
The people responsible for this lack a very important part of their minds.
I proudly own a Billy Big Mouth Bass.

This is not worthy of being in the same Goodwill as Billy Big Mouth Bass.
I saw one of these on the shelf at the drug store on friday. i briefly considered buying it.
Excellent use of the 'why the terrorists hate us' tag.
I love propaganda-for-purchase.
Also, this drove my dog out of the room in a barking fit.
Rum Revenge
What would a fish do with a fish sandwich?
Eat it.

He wants it back because its part of his body. That's not a little morbid.

Wow. This makes me hate music. If there is a hell, it should be filled with people who make music for advertisements.
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