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Desc:Ok, I'm impressed, I'll go to the prom with you.
Category:Accidents & Explosions, News & Politics
Tags:fire, burns, hero, maternal instinct, 20 bucks an hour is good money
Submitted:James Woods
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Comment count is 15
I wonder how long until they find out the cause of the fire was the joint this chick left smoldering on a couch.
Also, she's really the mother, but had to sell the kid for crack eight years ago and came back as a nanny.

She also originally abducted the child from Haiti against the will of the parents because Jesus said so.

Colonel Cowlung
I was expecting British Super Nanny from the television show.

James Woods

So, Super Nanny the british tv show would have been 5 stars though? I'll remember that.

Yeah yeah, she saved the kid and all. But she can't tell a story for SHIT. Jesus, lady, learn about a little thing called PACING then go on the news and narrate your own f'ing story.
wtf japan
So what if she's not very smart. She will run through fire to save someone else's offspring. That makes her wife material. Plus, stupid people are better at sex.

I'm not even talking about intelligence. I just want some basic story-telling skills. Homer was functionally retarded, but he managed to tell both The Illiad and the Odyssey to tons of drunk-ass Greeks.

wtf japan

"It was like walkin' on gooooo..." ick
Yeah, that thought won't get out of my brain and is ruining my entire day.

Ogdenville which is about 25miles south of Shelbyville, had a monorail go haywire many years ago...there was no hero nanny that day sadly.

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