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Desc:aka Steve Wilkos Vs. Crackhead mom who kills babies with her crack use
Category:Educational, Crime
Tags:nightmare fuel, steve wilkos, bad people
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Comment count is 29
by the way... don't turn annotations off... it's awesome
Sudan no1
one extra star for the annotations.

you're such a douche that i will 5 star my own video to counter your douchedom by .5 percent

I'd give it 3, but I'm doing 5 to balance everything out.

I laughed at the on screen comments I have to say. A solid 4 stars.


It was a fetus not a baby.

i'm crossing my fingers that people on this site have a problem with this

Frank Rizzo
....come on big money big money big money big money big money big money big money big money big money big money big money big money big money big money big money big money big money big money big money big money big money big money no wammy no wammy no wammy no wammy no wammy STOP!!!

"marijuana pills"

all I got was "two lousy weeks"

lol pro-lifers
Your insightful comments and treasure trove of submitted videos make you a valuable member here at poetv. Thank you.

I do what I can.

Oh come on, he doesn't have a ton, but he votes on the front page and hopper, that's worth something.

Plus his one video isn't lolcats or another "____ is ___" TF2 edit, so points there.

alas, carmonk he aint.

Maggot Brain
This can be cut down to about thirty seconds.
It's a crack baby...FOOLS!

Also: this woman has her own theme song.


Spit Spingola
This show is so amazingly jaw-dropping in its atrociousness. The worst one I saw was where Steve had a guy on who had gotten out of jail after killing his infant son 16 years ago and then started dating the 18-year old half-sister of the kid he killed. Steve yelled at this girl, the crowd booed her, the mom cried, and at the end of the show the girl walks over and exits with the nasty child-murderer guy.
Syd Midnight
He's as good a host as Jerry Springer is a bouncer

Johnny Madhouse
Sometimes, if you aren't watching the video, it sounds like Barack Obama is talking.

I could only make it a minute.

Not a great show, but damn does he have some nice shirts. The guy is a walking Lucky 13/Cubavera catalog.
Rodents of Unusual Size
Minus a million stars for this show, which is one of the worst things I've ever seen. I had not even heard of it until just now.

Plus a million and five stars for the annotations.
If I wanted to watch daytime TV I'd smoke crack.
I am glad she did not have the baby.
not as glad as the baby

I liked steve more when he just manhandled half-naked rednecks for his jewish overlord.
I'm torn on how to rate this.
Pro-Star Things:
-"Marijuana Pills"
-Baby killing

Anti-Star Things:
-This guy makes me long for the classier Jerry Springer, who never acted like a judgmental asshole.
-The crowd yelling "STEVE" like a bunch of d-bags.

Overall, I will balance it out at 3 stars...
I'll just fix that for you.

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