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Desc:It takes less than six minutes. Take that, atheists!
Tags:God, atheism, LOL XTIANS, logical fallacy
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Comment count is 22
I do not use this phrase lightly or casually and take it as a very serious occasion when I am considering using it, but:

Epic win.
The beer one is pretty convincing actually.
Love it.
1) i gave this 5 stars
2) therefore, god exists
Louis Armstrong
1.) I Gave this one star
2.) Thus God doesn't exist.
3.) WTF!!!

They forgot to add one I used to hear in chat rooms all the time, (back when I wasted my time in them) - an Argument From Ignorance:

1. Stuff happens that I don't understand. (Why is the sunset beautiful? Why does busting a nut feel so good? Why do I get thirsty? What are germs?)
2. It must be a miracle because I don't understand it.
3. God is the source of miracles.
4. Therefore God exists.

This guy is the Stephen Colbert of VenomFangX and his likes.
Rodents of Unusual Size
...this guy tries so hard.
Rodents of Unusual Size
Meant to say before "This guy tries so hard. So God must exist."

The surgery one was my favorite.

Also, fuck cows.

That was pretty great.
If you liked this, you'll like all the other ones at http://www.godlessgeeks.com/LINKS/GodProof.htm

Richard Dawkins mentions this collection and lists a few of the funniest ones in his book The God Delusion
I guess I'm alone here, but this video took a good gag with a half-life of maybe ten seconds, and ran it into the ground with enough zeal to make a Family Guy writer blush.
No, you're not. All it needs is that stupid "shipoopie" song to round it off.

Man Who Fights Like Woman
1) People find this video humorous.
2) Others doubt the humor within the video.
3) God said people would test my faith.
4) Therefore, God exists.

Aubrey McFate
He did a nice mix of gag reasons, digs on religious people and criticisms of theology.

So there.

1.) People with ADHD can't sit through this video.
2.) What was I saying?
3.) Therefore, God exists.

He took the same joke and rehashed it 39 times.

Therefore, Shiva exists.

Vishnu, though? Bullshit.

Robin Kestrel
Yeah, I'm not gonna downrate this, but it's a great idea done in the most annoying shove-it-in-your-face way possible.

Which, oddly enough, is the same beef I have with mainstream American Christianity.

Well, crap! I believe in Eric Clapton!

My atheism is undone!
The God of Biscuits
This has been around for quite some time


Old joke + uninteresting monotone = fail
Rum Revenge
Blasphemy is my new fetish. Jehovah.
"so we killed them"
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