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Desc:Gator is pissed, cops are baffled. It's ALLIgory week.
Category:Science & Technology, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:Texas, Cops, alligator, pets of the Elder Gods, ALLIgory
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Johnny Madhouse
There is a procedure. Gator jaw muscles are fairly small, and gators are far more effective at clamping their mouths than opening them. In order to catch things, they rely on lever action from their long jaws. Theoretically, if you can get over the gator and hold his mouth shut, he won't be able to bite you! In practice, that was a good move with the loop over his jaws at the end. Well done, officers.

The worst thing to do is poke it until it gets enraged and runs you down at twenty miles an hour.
Are you a bouncer, by any chance?

Monkey Napoleon
It's the small things that restore your faith in humanity, like nobody on camera bitching that it took two dozen cops a couple of cheer and laughing filled hours to wrangle an 8 foot gator.
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Gators in Texas?
Great tags in poetv history:

Pets of the Elder Gods
Why the Terrorists Hate Us
Dude You OK?
That's no moon

what hell sounds like
ass burgers

Oh man, the hometown always does me proud.
see you later
"We will continue to monitor it"

James Woods
fucking pigs
unfortunately for these municipal employees, this gator has an actual "attitude", that adds like 4 more pages to the police report
1:01-1:05 wheeee!
These cops are having a fucking great time. What goofballs.
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