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Desc:The reason hippies have no money.
Category:Advertisements, Science & Technology
Tags:ravers, floating cane, flowtoys, flowlights
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Comment count is 10
5 for the uselessness of this stick.

It's like interpretative pole dancing. In Soviet Russia pole dances you!
Unless it can be used as a lightsabre, it's useless.
They underperform with disposable batteries huh?

If you want people to use rechargables to save the Earth, just say to use rechargables so they save the Earth!! Don't lie to me!!
Actually, they may have a point. I think there are varieties of rechargeable batteries (Nickel Metal Hydrides) which actually perform better for high current applications than regular alkaline batteries. I was surprised to find this out myself.

They're actually right. After an initial drop, NiMH batteries maintain a fairly constant voltage output over their discharge cycle as compared to alkaline. So they're good for powering things like LEDs.

La Loco
Damn hippies strike again!
"...the flowlight wand is thicker, heavier, and longer than the flow-wand and it's thickness makes it slightly more challenging to keep upright. it's length makes it harder to avoid bumping into."
I have as retarded and irrational a hatred of hippies as everyone else here who's watched a lot of South Park but I have to say that I would enjoy seeing someone mess around with one of these while I was on acid

however seeing as they freely admit it is just six cheaper lights glued together i guess i am going to pass
God, please don't let anyone in Carrboro see this. The Weaver Street Market is already a huge hassle to go to.
she's kind of cute but I bet she smells like the devil's bong water
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