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Desc:He's remarkably honest
Category:Sports, Humor
Tags:Soccer, football, britain, accent, endearing earnestness
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Comment count is 22
James Woods
I laughed very hard.
Good clean fun!

We need more "endearing earnestness" submissions.
I stand erect with patriotic pride.
Oh dear this is the wrong clip.

I guess we'll consider it a 'general factoid'.

His desperate embarrassment when he says, "I don't know!"
When something like this happens in America, there's a testy exchange where the anchor sarcastically suggests he'll teach the reporter how to report later; when something like this happens in Britain, there's back-slapping and belly-laughs.
English sportscasters are bros. After this they'll get together for some bangers and mash and a packet of crisps, and maybe John Lennon will stop by riding a Dalek. Then later, crumpets.

Yes, that's exactly what happens.

And lager. Great huge amounts of lager.

Finger Paints
Well he's not far off, they're all apart from Jeff, ex-footballers before it turned into the super-professional game it is today when drinking after match was the norm. If you're a regular watcher of Soccer Saturday you'll find it always a chummy'esk affair unless they have disagreements (you'll even see this on bbc's Match of the Day), and will always a have laugh or two with the like sof Kamara, Windass and Merson around.

And Jeff Stelling is the best sport presenter of modern times.

It's because the golden rule over here is: backstab before someone else backstabs you first...in America I mean. We need more Daleks and pubs.

This reminds me of my thesis defense.
I'll have that joy myself in a few weeks.


Reminded me of this.
Banal Intercourse
Thank you for that. I missed it.

Please activate the "Endearing Earnestness" tag with this.

his report is that he didn't know he had something to report, beautiful
If American sportcasters were this jolly and adorable, I might watch more sports.
Naw, not really. But this guy is jolly and adorable.
Jet Bin Fever
An utter lack of floundering and bullshitting! I love it.
The Mothership
This is really great.
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