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Desc:deep sea creature and its little minions
Category:Nature & Places, Pets & Animals
Tags:nature, underwater friends, pets of the Elder Gods, sea pig
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Rodents of Unusual Size
Oh, hell yeah. You rock, ocean!
Sea Pig was master of its domain until the Land Rapists released the Shoggoths from the bowels of the earth.
Johnny Madhouse
What does it eat, detritus? How does it defend itself? So interesting!
Yes, and amazing cuteness, respectively.

Cuteness at a Crushing Depth is a new indie band I just started.

That doesn't make sense, I thought if you were lawful then you were lawful. Good if the laws benefit others, evil if the laws benefit only you but always sticking to the rules.

Not that it matters anymore anyway since 4e messed around with alignments. He would definately be lawful good in the new rules.

Please report to nerd quarantine in topic below VVVVV

Good God, IT'S A FLUMPH!
Let us praise St. Cuthbert that Flumphs are Lawful Good, but prepare some defensive spells anyway.

Ain't he lawful neutral?

pressed peanut sweepings
yes, but he supports good over evil, since evil creatures more flagrantly and brazenly violate the law than good creatures

I am going to have to ask you all to leave.

Flumping is what my parents called me hitting my head on my pillow for ten minutes until I run out of energy every night in order to go to sleep.

Damn, they have everything in the sea! Seahorses, seacows, sea pigs...

That's it, I'm moving there.
... seaweed.

I'm going to start my own seafarm.

beautiful animal...
I assume sea pigs are no more kosher than their land cousins. :(
There is no way that is an abomination. No way.

Who's a cute little deep-sea abomination? Who's a cute little deep-sea abomination? YOU ARE! YES, YOU ARE!

Syd Midnight
Lots of things are cute at 1 cm long that would not be cute at 1 km long

From a Google link: "Scientists do not know how sea pigs reproduce."
unknown rebel
I guess they just sort of appear from time to time.

just add some thick fog and scary music and this instantly becomes a Stephen King horror film
There's no reason but the cruelty of a sadistic god that this thing isn't the size of a skyscraper.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Dude, I can see your uhhh internal organs, I think.
I think it ate a bannana

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