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Desc:Kevin Spacey blackmails his boss.
Category:Classic Movies, Humor
Tags:Advertising, masturbation, kevin spacey, blackmail, American Beauty
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Comment count is 18
Remember when Chuck Palahniuk wrote this scene better 3 years before this?
Yes, but Kevin Spacey makes everything awesome.

Except for Superman.

I disagree. Kevin Spacey's part of Superman was amazing, it's just the rest of the movie that sucked beyond all belief.

La Loco
All my friends told me to watch this movie. So I got really high and did. Then it turns out it was insufferable shit.
Binro the Heretic
This movie was ass. A huge heaping pile of pretentious shit that not even Kevin Spacey could save.
The Townleybomb
Huh, so it looks like maybe my memories of this movie not being a complete hunk of shit might be somewhat erroneous.
fight club did what american beauty tried to do, and it did it about 20 times better.

and fight club was a pretty mediocre movie.
I regret giving this thing 4 stars in light of your very valid observation.

Fight Club was about anti-commercialism done in a snazzy, frenetic, exciting format, while American Beauty was more of a quiet meditation on loneliness, power, and respect. They're not trying to do the same thing at all.

"Man, I really hope the comments aren't a referendum on American Beauty"
Also, American Beauty > that movie where the dude gives handjobs for pot

I sure hope people don't discuss the movie this clip is from.

Everyone stop talking already!

I dunno. I really liked this movie. (The only reason I'm giving it 4 stars is because I've given 5 stars to everything so far, and it's getting kinda embarrassing.)
unknown rebel
It was an alright movie.
Yeah, it and fight club were equally "meh." Mostly over wrought bullshit, but there were a few interesting bits in both.

This was an all right flick. It was certainly better than Ball's attempt to recycle this stuff as an ongoing weekly series on HBO.
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