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Desc:George Takei and life partner invite gays to 'queer the census'
Category:News & Politics
Tags:starfleet, Oh My!, Sulu, Tin Foil Dildo, Gay Space Nigger Please
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Comment count is 23
george takei has nice handwriting.

not that i'm surprised.
MacGyver Style Bomb
Forty years of autograph sessions will do that to you.

I wonder what else he wears that uniform for?

"Captain Sulu, the ambassador from Planet Nekkid is waiting in your ready room."
Rodents of Unusual Size
"Set phasers to stunning!"

That comment is never getting topped, ever.

Tuan Jim
That brought a tear to my eye. Maybe in a generation or two, we'll stop treating gays as second class citizens.
Star Trek nerds, though? Never.

If it happens before I die, I'll be somewhat happy.

I wouldn't be happy at all if Trekkies got equal treatment in my lifetime.

Midnight Man
Like how all the racism went away a while back

If really wanted to keep everyone's attention he run around without a shirt on and a foil.
"Brad, dear, the OTHER kind of foil!"

So gay people only pay attention to men in uniforms and elaborate hats? I wonder...
Caminante Nocturno
He still cuts a dashing figure in that outfit...
You listen up when George Takei is talking about equality!
Adham Nu'man
My country is planning on having a referendum to vote for or against gay marriage, so a lot of letters by anti-gay folks have been coming in to the local newspaper. Last Wednesday, the following came in (Translation mine):

"Let's assume that, in the name of anti-discrimination, one of our Boards decided that, henceforth, the square be named circle: will the square, thus, stop having 4 sides, and will the same geometrical rules of the circle apply to it? Another Board determines that homosexual couples will be called matrimony: will this change its intrinsic nature and thus mean that all social and financial rules apply to it? Nature does not change as a result of the whim of ideological or circumstantial majorities."

I would like to answer something funny, but it is so utterly stupid and my creativity is dry so I don't know where to even begin. If anyone has any ideas, feel free to chip in...
I can't figure out what the hell that person is even trying to say. Is he comparing gay marriage to New Math?

astropod five
I think he's saying that changing a state law is the same as changing a law of physics.

Something about four corner time and educated stupid would probably work.

i wonder if he actually owns that uniform
I'm sure he receives dozens of fan-made uniforms every year... this is one of the better ones.

Oh my god those lovable old goofy guys!
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