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Desc:The secret to MacFarlane's success.
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Business
Tags:Seth Macfarlane, College Humor, one trick pony
Submitted:Macho Nacho
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Comment count is 23
Eroticus E
Gosh, I wanted that to be funnier than it was.
My loathing of Seth MacFarlane's terrible shows pulled me through this.

Much like the shows it parodies, this took a dumb gag and stretched it out far, far more than it could support.

Freeper Anteater is worth a star or two, I guess.
The Seth Macfarlane blueprint has been discussed and torn apart so many times at this point that further explorations are becoming just as boring as a Seth Macfarlane cartoon.
This reminds me of that time that we tore apart Seth McFarlane in a completely unrelated way *cuts to flashback in which someone falls down a flight of stairs and lies there for about 10 seconds without moving*

James Woods
this point has been made several times now
anteater and dinosaur talking
Ok, I laughed at the gangsta pterodactyl.
I chuckled. That deserves something.
Yes, Seth has been kicked around plenty of times. But he still refuses to stop making new shows, so I say the kicking must continue.

No, seriously, he has a fourth show in development. The gimmick this time is that the main character is the mom.
Yeah, he should really take a BOLD ARTISTIC STAND and turn down those MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF DOLLARS. I'm sure you'd do the same, right?

yeah man, because no artist in the history of the world has been more concerned with integrity than money.

We're still talking about SETH MACFARLANE, right?

As long as people enjoy the shit he makes, he will keep going on and on.

In the fine tradition of Hanna Barbera, if it ain't broke... Don't fix it!
unknown rebel
Except now Fred Flintstone is ironically misogynistic and weakly political. Also the record playing bird is a totalitarian fish.

Rodents of Unusual Size
Sassy snowman deserves his own show!
I laughed at the nazi hamster.
I hate MacFarlane as much as the next person with a brain, but this was just as terrible.
Collegehumour... well, the extra star was for it not being about farts.
Even MacFarlane gets a pass for his sitcom set-ups. For as long as there have been sitcoms they've been just a means to an end, and only sturdy enough so that someone can walk on screen without you saying, "who's that?"
I can't really hate McFarlane for doing what he does. If I could make a ton of money off stupid people without even putting forth effort, I sure as hell would.

All the same, when collegehumor is making fun of you.... well damn.
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