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Desc:Some guy questions Old Spice and Terry doesn't like it one bit
Category:Advertisements, Humor
Tags:Tim and Eric, deodorant, old spice, erotic nightmares, Terry Crews
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Comment count is 13
Once weirdly charming, now just weird.

-2 two stars for wet meat flapping noise.
Aubrey McFate
The first part would make a great 5 second film
This is some stuff we've invented to make you, a male, smell less, to be attractive to females, who like you to smell pretty, so we've added something that makes you smell pretty, along with the stuff we've invented to make you, a male, smell less, to be attractive to females. It's called "perfume".

Women invented it.

To smell pretty.

Like you want to smell, because you smell offensive to women. Who like to smell pretty things. Like perfume.

To smell pretty.

Like a girl.
okay enough but thank you
Night Train to Mundo Fine
The guy who gets punched is Kyle Vogt.

He played the psychologist friend Peter in The Room!


Holy god that's where he's from.

5 for him still getting work.

stop fucking submitting old spice commercials jesus. I see these on TV thanks
Jesus didn't submit the commercial, Sphinx did.
However, I can see your confusion:
A Sphinx has the torso of a man, but the body of a lion. Richard the Lionhearted fought in The Crusades to get The Holy Lands under Christian control. The Holy Lands are where Jesus lived. A simple mistake we've all made at one time or the other.

Also these aren't fucking on TV.

Wait. Maybe I'm confused. Are these actually fucking on TV? How the hell did they go from Bruce Campbell and the Man Your Man Could Smell Like to this juvenile shit?

Almost lost me until the unnecessary explosion.
Blolf Witzer
I saw this one on TV too.
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