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Desc:McCain has selective amnesia.
Category:News & Politics
Tags:mccain, maverick, Maddow
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dairyqueenlatifah does not find this video of a jerkwad blowing his train horn at shoppers amusing
Comment count is 13
See how much a maverick he is by him saying that he isn't one? He's in your mind, man!
A real maverick might have jumped ship to vote for something that could help the country, like, say, heath care.
Rodents of Unusual Size
I'm a maverick.
...or are you a maverick?

I'm Maverick, meet my friend Goose.

They're having a lot of fun with this. I like to see that.
James Woods
Every time i see jon mccain he looks a year older. he will die before this term is up. So good this man is not the president. even better that palin isn't vp.
I think if McCain dies before Obama's term is up, the GOP will eventually get caught in a huge Weekend at Bernie's scandal where we find out that he's been dead for... wait a minute...

James Woods
Well, I figure right now he's pretty much a husk of a human being. He may very well have alzheimer's. I'd bet is mind left a couple of years ago. He's the host body for the grand ol' party now.

Play:Sounds of Silence by Simon and Garfunkel

Imagine the massive smile on Sarah Palin's face as she's receiving the call onboard Airforce One. A shot of the plane peeling away from the camera with her standing in sight through a window as the plane makes a drastic turn northwest; off course to the original destination Haiti, towards Washington DC so she can be sworn in.

The American political Left gets trolled harder than Chris-chan daily and they still think it matters if they point to it and say "nuh uh!" It doesn't. Stop whining and start assassinating these people.
(NOT advocating violence, just being overdramatic)

The Original Mavericks are The Dallas Mavericks. McCain 'youse' a biiiitch.
Go get him Megaman! Don't listen to his lies!
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