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Desc:Tape may have been edited a little
Category:News & Politics, Stunts
Tags:acorn, rachel maddow, right wing, vile, scumbaggery
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Comment count is 17
That Maddow dude is dope...I'd totally go out with him.
James Woods
5 for evil
We could have used this information a little sooner, i think.
You'd think congress would have learned not to push through legislation quickly without making sure they have all the facts.

And maybe not take Fox's propaganda at face value.

What does Fox have to do to actually tarnish their reputation?
They would have to build a reputation as a dependable news network first.


The irony of the dissolution of ACORN is that they still exist, just in hundreds of smaller groups, which is what they were supposed to be in the first place. The were very effective in the 70's and 80's in getting homes for veterans when they were a small NPO.
The first dude was taken way out of context sure, but the second one, the woman, was just a complete fabrication. They edited her answers to completely different questions.

Is that what Jesus would have done?
i think jesus would be too busy trying to heal the sick and dying of this world to give a shit, but yeah

There are way too many gullible people in the world, and they're all watching Fox News.
And some of them are in Congress.

When I first heard this story i wondered how many hours of footage they edited out where all the employees were "Are you for real?" and the rest was playing along. At worst it was probably one or two (incorrectly) thinking they had to offer the best advice no matter the situation.

I guarantee you I could walk into any H&R Block and get incriminating child sex slave tax loophole footage.
I felt the same way.

I'm so pissed right now at the racist and classist bullshit Fox News spews.

Syd Midnight
Bigger career criminals than anyone in any street gang. I bet they steal millions.
Jet Bin Fever
So Sr. Goodcitizen got fired for informing on what he thought was an elicit child prostitution ring. Wow, there's a special place in hell for that O'keefe loser and his bimbo, but for now I guess we'll have to settle for his lengthy prison term.
Truly Evil, 5 stars.
Well, then, Good News! The most charges were dropped as part of a plea deal, and the most they can get is a misdemeanor and 6 months jail time! Huzzah!


Public floggings are in order
Stars from the current ad at the beginning, which sells Ms Office as a tool for homeschoolers.
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