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Desc:With pig destruction overdrive.
Category:Arts, Crime
Tags:thanksgiving, cold steel, Y chromosome, king of the demo, two swords are better than one
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Comment count is 22
I'm not sure whether I'm 5ing this for the tags, or the little baby cuts he makes at 1:30, but god-damn it, it's getting 5ed.

also- the end of this is kind of gross.
Definately for the baby cuts.

unknown rebel
Sort of "tickle" to death that drunk guy in the park.

I wish they would cook that meat before cutting it. Everyone in there is getting diseases.
Dual wielding!
"That's a wound, that's a wound, that's a kill"
The youtube description says the meat was donated to them by a homeless shelter. I immediately had two thoughts:
1. Cold Steel is stealing food from the homeless.
2. Cold Steel is chopping up the homeless.
astropod five
Hopefully, the meat was donated because there was something wrong with it that made it inedible.

I keep expecting the narrator at the beginning to tell me what the Nozzle is doing.
Cold Steel's excellent nozzle is designed with victory in mind. Please do not move while it calibrates. With its solid steel core...

best way to introduce your new girlfriend to your hobby
BOOM... choose your desti... pig, chicken, bottle, rope, bottlechickenpig... pig, chicken, bot-douchebag. Douchebag versus pig. FIGHT. HYAK HYAK! Douchebag wins... flawless victory.
I was hoping Butterfly Swords were like a Butterfly Knife and he'd be twirling two connected swords like a spaz.
I was hoping they were like butterfly kisses.

After a while all their "sword" products look and function exactly the same.
La Loco
They should hire a benihana cook to demonstrate their swords.
So if you are going to cut up a bunch of meat in the studio, thats okay, but if they are going to spill orange soda they have to take it outside?

Did that guy just cut up a cardboard cutout of Danny Trejo?
Now to wait for the inevitable blooper reel where one of those ends up embedded in their shin
Caminante Nocturno
At least they positioned the dead pig so that you couldn't see its eyes.
I have this sudden urge to position this man over a fryer of some find and throw potatoes at him.
My favorite part of this video is the voice over guy who wants to be Mike Rowe so bad you can feel his seething desire through the internet.
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