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Desc:Who is Tyler Perry and what is happening with my understanding of the universe?
Category:Educational, Business
Tags:doot doot, Black Narcissus 2, black white people
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a million imaginary space dollars to the first person to link the "black white people" tag
James Woods

there's already some wayne brady stuff on here

Colin Powell has to be around here somewhere.

Tyler Perry is awesome, the dude found a huge segment of the population (conservative Christian black folk) and got rich by pandering to them. Watching people bitch about Tyler Perry movies while watching movies that are just as pandering (but pander to their own niche) is such delicious schadenfreude.
I'll admit it; Diary of a Mad Black Woman entertained the hell out of me. Madea's Family Reunion was so-so. Everything else I've came across of his was so terrible I couldn't sit all the way through it.


You're saying Tyler Perry is awesome because he is a rich black conservative and you get joy out of people not liking him because they like things they are into and not black conservative movies?

Yes, I'm saying that watching middle-class white males for whom 90% of popular entertainment targets getting indignant about Tyler Perry movies fills me with glee.

As a middle class white male, I can confirm that 90% of movies are god awful, and this is one of them.


Mr. Chocolate, you haven't been paying attention to this website for very long.

Rodents of Unusual Size
Awful runs in so many flavors, brother dessert.

Five stars because I was staring at 'doot doot' as I started the clip, wondering what it could mean.
I don't think this is really the movie event of the year.
Rodents of Unusual Size
They are all sucked to another planet halfway through and must fight for their survival and an alien species will hang on the balance, depending on if all of the black men can dress as old black women and shout at the powerful white man army coming their way. Who will win this holiday season? Come with the whole family and find out!

This really isn't dumber than a lot of the crap that gets shoveled into white peoples' faces.

Nice to see Janet Jackson's getting work.

on her face.

Tyler Perry presents: "Tyler Perry's Why did I get married?" by Tyler Perry.
A Tyler Perry Production. From the novel by Tyler Perry. 2008, Tyler Perry Studios.

Guest stars: Chioma Toplis and Benedict Johnson.

For all the shit White People have to say about Tyler Perry, their honky asses are the ones who watch Two and a Half Men.
La Loco
Ouch. It's true.

I don't get it. Are you saying that one is good and the other is bad? Can't we just agree that shitty things are shitty?

What are you doing in this movie, Black Dynamite?
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