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Desc:In a near future when the earth is threatened by dark forces... this.
Category:Science & Technology, Pets & Animals
Tags:K9, K-9, expensive coke habit
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Be Careful
Comment count is 22
Thanks, but no thanks.
Don't upsell the dark forces then show me a magic lightning egg. That's bullshit, fool. Where these dark forces at? Show me some mo'fuckin' dark forces, nigga!
If every Dr. Who sidekick is getting a show, can I officially put in my vote for Sexy Time with Martha Jones?
Yes, yes you can.

Oh wait this a thing of Dr Who?

I regret my 5-stars. I thought it was sourceless stupid, not from a stupid thing that people get bunched panties over.

Camonk = five star hero.

John Leeson is supposed to be doing the voice, but it doesn't sound at all like him.

I like Doctor Who, but can we just leave K9 alone? Unless you're planning on bringing him back in his original form as a companion for the main show, please just have some dignity.
K-9 Mark IV was allowed to come back in the third season of Sarah Jane Adventures after the BBC cut the people behind the K-9 show some slack concerning restrictions.

I know, but I thought it was really stupid. They also wasted his appearance in series 2 of Doctor Who as just some stupid throwaway gimmick. Note, I don't think K9 is some hallowed figure in the annals of literature or anything, I just think these spin-offs are a retarded way of recycling these characters.

Doctor Who isn't very fun anymore.

Five for double reminding me that some ideas on paper should stay on paper.
I'm sorry, where's Jim Belushi in all this?
Oh, what a childish spin-off.
It is like Doctor Who was a children's show or something.

Corman's Inferno
I don't think anyone denies Dr. Who is a children's show, but this is about as fun for kids as a dog turd laced with glass shards.

I disagree. You must have VERY high regards to what you watched when you were a kid.

Corman's Inferno
True, the majority of it wasn't any better than this, but it was no less shitty.

For a grown up, yes.

Are you fucking kidding me? This is the worst idea.
I think the BBC found the footage of K-9 and Company and immediately thought of a genius way to make Australia embarrass itself.
When I saw the preview image I thought this was a fanfic video. Jesus fucking Christ.
Why does this show have better special effects than Doctor Who?
Funded by Disney.

I like K9
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