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Category:Pets & Animals
Tags:wolf, CATegory
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La Loco
Can I has cat massage?
William Burns
Somewhere, around 1:00, the obnoxious TV background noise becomes relevant to what we're watching.
i did a lot of research about keeping wolves as pets a few years ago and basically everything i read said "great family pets if raised and trained just like a dog, gets along well with others, and carry a gun because you need to be ready to kill it the second its natural instinct flares because its still a fucking wolf"
Every wolf owner I've know could personally arm a coup.

The cat knows the inherent danger and struggles daily to rid the home of this dangerous beast.

It's probably a malamute.

Syd Midnight
Yeah that's one of those dogs that's almost wolf but with the "tear out throats" and "devour the weak" instincts bred out. A Good Dog.

Rev. Blackson Pollock
Looks like a Husky/German Shepherd mix.

We don't gnaw on our kitty.
Robin Kestrel
That cat is trying to fuck that wolf.
ffs, now how do I stop the recording....learn what youre gonna do first then do it!
Killer Joe
"Next time, fucker."
They trained them to re-enact the fight between Dread Pirate Roberts and Andre the Giant!
There's a reality show for soap operas know? Sweet christ. TV is now eating its own tail and growing stronger for it.
unknown rebel
"The domestic cat can take an entire lifetime to bring down its prey."
Nature pretending to love before the slaughter.

Well fine. I will punch you and then chomp on your penis. If that's what you're going to be all about.
"You give up now, right? Say uncle! Stop throwing me off."
But that's a dog, not a wolf.
I just copy and paste titles.

It's called journalism, jurquel or whatever. It involves a little thing we like to call INTEGRITY

Don't be such a dick all over the place

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