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Desc:Stetson-wearing black conservative sticks it to the (liberal) man.
Category:News & Politics
Tags:bitches, black conservative, cussin, one of the good ones
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Comment count is 19
I'm a liberal, and I walk around getting pissy at people who curse.
James Woods
yeah, those xtian fascists had better watch their fuckin mouths.

Hey, bro, if that's your biggest, then I mean maybe shut up while the rest of us worry about shit like jobs and health care.

How made would he be if I called him a fucking nigger, though? Hey man! You don't own me! I can say whatever I want!
Nigga you be trippin.

wtf japan
Are white people allowed to use the term "house nigger?" I mean, I know we created them and all, but I don't know of a better term for a black person who acts against the general interests of his ethnic group in order to advocate and protect a political philosophy designed to ensure that white men remain in power.

It's about being ashamed and being associated with people who are failures.

BTW nice slave ship.

wtf japan
Most black people haven't been given a fair shot at succeeding, so I wouldn't consider the majority of them to be failures. You'd have to buy into bootstrap rhetoric to believe that.

You'll also note the centurion helmet, which is interesting, because, you know, FASCISM and whatnot.

no, wtf japan, you can't call black people you don't like niggers. jesus CHRIST.

wtf japan
Tell that to Malcolm X. Again, I don't want to, but I don't know of another term, and Uncle Tom just doesn't cut it because it implies passivity. Also, the point is that, as a white male, I SHOULD like him because he's kowtowing to my demographic at the expense of his own. If I think working against black people is a bad thing, and that working against black people is doubly despicable if you are also black, am I a racist if I use concise (and therefore brutal) terminology to point out what he's doing even if it goes against my own best interests? Maybe I should just sit back and let him shine my shoes until other black people call him out on it, since it's THEIR problem anyway. That would be the politically correct thing to do, after all.

Wait... so I DON'T own him?
Huh. Weird.

I really want to know what "ghetto" this man grew up in.
He probably means East St. Louis.

Or maybe he means the Ghetto Golfers of St. Louis.

Syd Midnight
Uncle Ruckus is the best part of that show
He would pronounce Missouri differently if he really was
from there.
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Uhh last I checked those of liberal persuasion couldn't care less what you do with your mouth or genitals, sir. In fact they would probably encourage you to find more creative outlets to express that beautiful inner 'you'.

Sudan no1
he's no Micahel Steele.
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