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Desc:He's the DJ, I'm the vampire.
Category:Classic Movies, Fashion
Tags:Rap, bo diddley, white people, Rockula, Dean Cameron
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Comment count is 10
Emenem finally doing stuff I'm into.
those dancing girls either weren't paid enough or just had no interest in doing anything to make it look like they were having fun doing this
This how white people saw rap in the 90s.

And 00s.

And 10s.
Rodents of Unusual Size
A-A-A-Average V-v-vampiiiiiire

Jet Bin Fever
Thomas Dolby as a time traveling pirate with a sparkling peg leg, Toni Basil's confusing dance sequences, and Bo Diddley wearing a bee suit... this movie is pretty amazing.
So where does William Safire figure in?

The Mothership
Silly string.
Upgrading Lestat for the 90s didn't make it any less gay.
Okay, I accept this as amazing.
WHERE IS THE "vlad gang$ta" TAG?!?
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