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Desc:Fact check time
Category:News & Politics, Humor
Tags:lies, Beck, o eilly, Miller, jail time
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Comment count is 9
This kind of thing stopped being quite so delicious for me (seeing Fox called on their bullshit, I mean) when I realized it would never, ever lead to anything. No amount of reality is ever going to slow these fuckers down.
The same is true for Congressmen and Senators and even Presidents. They can go on TV and tell bald-faced lies and not be called on it, and 95% of the people that hear the lies never hear the "correction" mentioned three days later on some show that airs between 2:45 and 3:00 pm on Wednesday.

And yes, I'm pulling that 95% straight out of my ass.

"We researched this" = FOX News-speak for "we asked a couple production assistants by the water cooler"
of course they lead off with the Fox "loose cannon" of Glenn Beck's mouth, he's "crazy", "out there" and "a true patriot"
Ludo Smell Bad
wait are you actually *defending* that cynical piece of shit?

Man Who Fights Like Woman
I'd like to see Glenn Beck go to jail too.
"the last time I saw a guy with that much hat in hand was Oddjob at Fort Knox."

How long do you think hes been waiting to use that gem?
since he got fucking fired for sucking at MNF

"No, honey, I don't remember when Dennis Miller wasn't a tool, either."

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