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Desc:Radical right documentary about the incidents between gvt agencies and the Branch Davidians
Category:News & Politics, Educational
Tags:FBI, Waco, Branch Davidian, ATF
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Oklahoma City Federal Building: Hidden Evil
"this statement, obviously said sarcastically, and taken out of context, was repeated over and over in the news media"
Oh man this is so good.
Well if you can't trust the word of a pedophilic cult leader that he's not a pedophilic cult leader, then who can you trust?

The government made a number of serious mistakes at WACO that deserve examination and criticism, but this unbelievably one-sided film isn't it.
I like how all of the footage is of the somewhat more moderate cult (the real "Branch Davidians") that the Koreshians broke off of. And some of them even had jobs! Wow! So it was only the bad apples that were killing each other with axes to decide who the next savior was.

(What atheists need to do the earn the compassion of the right is to start a cult. But they're not the cult-starting type, which is a real shame.)
*cough* Ayn Rand *cough* what?

Academic cults don't count. Now, the pen might be mightier than the sword, but Koresh had homemade M-16s.

(Also FWIW his writing was concise and engaging compared to Rand's)

Syd Midnight
Someone could use a stint in the Church of the Subgenius

It's important to note that Linda Thompson was almost certainly some form of government agent attempting to get the trust of the militia/right wing kook population. A few years later she made a serious attempt to get all militia members to show up with their guns at a highly publicized protest in DC. The protest never materialized because it seemed very suspect, like trying to get people into public and on record (and on photo/video) and afterwards she lost a lot of credibility with the whole movement.
So she changed her name to Glenn Beck?

I love the part that the claims being refuted by the accused somehow implies they shouldn't be on the warrant...

"Sir, we can't execute this warrant to search the place"
"Why's that?"
"Well sir, the accused says that he's innocent."
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