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Category:Video Games, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:zero punctuation, CATegory, just cause 2, grappling hook
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MacGyver Style Bomb
Needs CATegory tag.
agreed on pretty much all counts. now if only there were multiplayer so i could drag my friends through cactus patches by their necks.
What's your live ID, pineapple? We clearly like the same game(s).

Pretty fair, all in all. Sometimes it can feel a bit repetitive, yet I still keep playing it anyway, despite all that, cuz it's that much fun.

Also noteworthy: the game's achievements are pretty friendly with you. They know asking for 100% is fucking crazy, so the completionist achievement is awarded at 75.
I'm sure there is someone, somewhere, who has gotten 100% completion, and I'm also sure that he is a sad, lonely, awful person. I thought it was kind of crazy when San Andreas had something like 500 secret pickups, but I think JC2 has something like 4000+.

To be fair, San Andreas' hidden packages were really, REALLY hidden (100 of them were invisible unless you were looking through a camera lens!), I'd rather have a shitload of shit to find but have it labeled on my map with a handy proximity radar then blindly stumbling around for a few items.

At first I liked the system in iNfamous (or however it's 'spelled'), until I was down to finding my last like 10 shards. Suddenly the short burst radar wasn't doing it for me.

Dammit, quit telling me what I'm missing!
I just did the boss he's talking about yesterday, and yeah that's exactly how I killed him..I just kept getting close to him and eventually he calls down the missiles in such a way that he can't avoid them. But yeah, this is pretty spot on. But yeah, the world is ludicrously huge. I disagree about the copy/paste thing, though. Military bases are all very similar, but the villages are obviously hand-made, and some of them are pretty creative from an artistic standpoint. It's like someone really wanted you to stop for a moment and take in the sights instead of killing everyone.
Oh, and I love the stronghold missions. Yes, they're all the same, but they gradually get harder and harder.
Caminante Nocturno
Kitty cats.
The hilariously terrible story is just another reason why this game is awesome.

Also, last night I got tired of blowing up bases, so I spent some time on the side of the road wiring passing motorcycles to cars going the other direction.
This is the best one in a looooong time.
very much so

al k duh
i think the grappling hook tag is in need of serious expansion.
Best one in a while
"Black like my soul"
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