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Desc:Voice artist Lance Baxter makes prank call to tea baggers
Category:News & Politics, Humor
Tags:Geico, Tea Party, Lance Baxter, DC Douglas
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Comment count is 8
Just as an aside: this guy isn't the voice of the gecko, he's the narrator for the commercials. And Geico fired him right after this came out unfortunately, failing to note that the people he prank called then found out his home number and address, distributed it on the internet, and encouraged people to make death threats.
All the while claiming that it's only acceptable to society if "liberals" complain.

I'm still amazed that random objects at tea party rallies don't catch fire from all the hatred they radiate.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
How the fuck did they know it was him?
According to news reports, he left his number with the message.

I've been kind of curious what this means for other places one might leave messages for an organization: Do they have to disclose they might use your voicemail for something? If they didn't, in theory, he might have a case for legal action.

Of course, he's getting a lot of attention for FreedomWorks putting it out there and its members who felt "threatened" deciding that the proper response is to threaten him with death. On the whole, it could be a positive for his career.

His questions are very relevant.
Tea partiers aren't retards. They're "reality challenged".
Five stars for the hilarious annotations.
The best part is if you follow it to Youtube and read comments.
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