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Desc:1983. Part one of six.
Category:Military, Educational
Tags:Military, war, documentary, National Film Board of Canada, Training
Submitted:Albuquerque Halsey
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Comment count is 24
manfred - 2010-04-22
Date should be 1983.
Albuquerque Halsey - 2010-04-22

Scrotum H. Vainglorious - 2010-04-22
So if you're in boot camp what happens if you have to take leak at 3am while everyone else is asleep in the barracks? Can you go piss in the head or do you have to hold it until 5am?

What about if a drill instructor awakens all the recruits in the middle of the night when they're in REM sleep with stiff boners?
Ocyrus - 2010-04-22
Having graduated from recruit training at Parris Island, I can tell you that yes indeed, you can get up and take a leak in the middle of the night. In fact, depending on circumstances you can even set a wake-up call with the recruit on sentry duty.
As far as boners, I didn't see a single one. a DI's startling at 3 a.m. I think can kill an erection faster than the phrase "I have chlamidia."

Richmond - 2010-04-22
In my experience (Canadian army, nowhere near as hardcore), you're just too damn exhausted to spare the energy down there.

SweaterCollection - 2010-04-22
My god, I'm 27 and I know this should have occurred to me before; I'm all for war under the right circumstances, and I'm even a republican but...

look at those boys lining up to start basing training, they're fucking children! That is creepy as hell. They stopped doing psych testing like the prison guard, prisoner shit and similar forms of peer pressure tests because people think it's too cruel?

This is like a national institution that does just that, to barely post pubescent boys, until their personalities change permanently... to allow them to kill people so that taxpayers can continue with their lifestyle unperturbed.
SweaterCollection - 2010-04-22

SweaterCollection - 2010-04-22
i mean how can children who just BARELY aged enough to be considered legally old enough to consent to having sexual intercourse.. be considered legally old enough to consent to this?

Dicknuts - 2010-04-22
That's why when I see civil war movies/reenactments I think, this war probably wasn't fought by overweight middle aged men, but those are the exact people who should be fighting wars.

Syd Midnight - 2010-04-22
I am so glad we never had to fight the Russians
split tail - 2010-04-22
I am an individualistic anarchist; the taking away, or the suppression of any individual's right to express him or herself as an individual to me is the highest crime against nature.

F**k this.
Oktay - 2010-04-22
Did you mean to type "f**k" or did someone suppress your right to express yourself as an individual?

split tail - 2010-04-22
your right of course; fuck you!

fermun - 2010-04-22
Your homework for tonight will be to write a 500 word essay on homonymns.

petep - 2010-04-22
what do you have worth expressing

KnowFuture - 2010-04-23
Because nature never suppresses any living thing's ability to do things, ever.

split tail - 2010-04-23
Not that I said anything like that, but man is also a part of nature, so you're wrong about that.

If an individual is not allowed to express him or herself as an individual, then is that not suppression?

split tail - 2010-04-22
sorry I forgot to five star this; and it's individualist (scratch the 'ic') anarchist.
Jellyneck - 2010-04-22
come on, don't give in to the authoritative spelling regimen of the man! Express yourself!

split tail - 2010-04-22
if the words I use do not match my intent, then they do not express me, but may allude to my drunkenness.
split tail - 2010-04-22
that was meant as a reply to Jellyneck's comment.

TheOtherCapnS - 2010-04-22
Counterpoint: You are a dumb motherfucker.

split tail - 2010-04-22
no just a drunk one.

Cube - 2010-04-22
I guess you could say in a way we brainwarsh 'em a lil' bit!
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