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Desc:Seriously, Richard Harrison stops off for a Slurpee and this crap happens. He can't go anywhere.
Category:Classic Movies, Stunts
Tags:ninjas, godfrey ho, richard harrison, stupid ninja tricks, strange things are afoot at the circle k
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Comment count is 17
Ninja headbands are back in a big way.
Godfrey Ho was a man with a vision.

Nice little souvenir shop blowgun you've got there, ninja. What, are pink feathers a traditional part of ninjitsu?

Also - Godfrey, man, if you could've teleported at any time, why wait until the end? You'd be at home eating rocky road ice cream now!
That was a lot of buildup for a 10 second fight sequence.
There are two directors that come to mind when you say something like that: Sergio Leone and Godfrey Ho.

Caminante Nocturno
Oh, man. The look at 0:22. You NEVER want a ninja to give you a look like that.

"strange things are afoot at the circle k" is a tag with potential.
It's fine to have 'ninja' on your headband I guess, but the other guy has an actual ninja on his ninja headband.
And the ninja on his headband? HAS ANOTHER NINJA ON HIS HEADBAND. Ninjers all the way down, man.

Why does he walk anywhere if he can just teleport?
Listen, it's part of the ninja code...don't question it, it just is.

That's commandment 11 of the Ten Ninja Commandments. It's one of the hidden commandments. There are 300 hidden commandments in the Ten Ninja Commandments.

Jet Bin Fever
We should just upload the entire Godfrey Ho library to POETv already and save ourselves some time.
I love that these exist, they're just a giant "Fuck You" right in the face of all the weeaboos out there.
They also demonstrate the REAL Ultimate Power ninjas have.

What about your groceries, yellow ninja?
Rodents of Unusual Size
The honor of the 7-11 has been avenged.
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