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Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:Snakes, Zak Bagans, Ghost Adventrues, NEVER EVER PICK UP A WILD SNAKE!
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Comment count is 13
Mildly entertaining but ultimately disappointing. Why couldn't he be bitten?
James Woods
That is certainly what I was looking for.

He picked it up the completely wrong way and everything.

As someone who watches this shit, let me tell you this show is awesome. It basically is 3 fratdogs acting like pussy's and talking serious shit to ghosts more so than any of the other Ghosthunter like shows.

I love the running theme of every couple of episodes either Zak or Nick get possessed and act more douchey than usual for a couple of minutes, yet oddly enough the fat camera man who's always in a constant state of befuddlement never gets possessed. Bagans meanwhile is constantly in eager young cadet mode.

This and Paranormal State are some of the stupidest trainwreck shows I cant help but watch.
Pussies. Just drop the "y,' and add "ies."

So this is better than Ghost Lab? I like ghost lab cause it's a trio of really fat losers who've somehow gotten Discovery Channel to pay them to wander around a house insulting dead people. Shit, I could do that! I love to insult people who can't strike back. I'd be personal as hell, too.

The befuddled cameraman is amazing.

As for which of these shows is the worst, for me it's really a tie between Paranormal State (Chip Coffee cracks me up though) or EXTREME PARANORMAL. I think the latter only lasted a few episodes though. They literally tried to fight ghosts.

Space Ratcatcher
I love this show. If those snakes had been ghosts, Zak would have provoked the shit out of them!
middleaged men are frat boys and any girl wearing makeup is a hipster.

Fuck you, poetv.
Frat boy is a state of mind not an age.

You have the weakest fucking windmills to tilt at, I swear. You damned hipster emo.

Space Ratcatcher
Since when is 30 middle age? Would you prefer if we called them "Frat men?"

Rev. Blackson Pollock
Can't we just agree on calling them dickheads?

Lookit! Lookit! Lookit! Lookit! Lookit! Lookit! Lookit! Lookit!
Lookit! Lookit! Lookit! Lookit! Lookit! Lookit! Lookit! Lookit!

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