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Desc:Brings a tear to your eye.
Category:Classic Movies, Humor
Tags:credits, Saving Private Ryan, Picnicface, patriotic
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Comment count is 26
God why am I giving this five stars what is wrong with my stupid face
Man, when that list of tens of thousands of dead servicemen went by, I just couldn't contain my tears of pride for my country. Thank you Nicol.
My pleasure. When I found this clip, I knew I had to spread the feeling of warmth in my heart with everyone at POE.

He's in that grave because of people like me.

I totally wasn't expecting that.
Oh wow. Twist ending.
Saving Private Ryan was made in the early 90s?
5 stars for the uploader on YouTube putting it in the "Comedy" category
La Loco
We need to save private Ryan in a major way.
James Woods
There's a Private Ryan in all of us.

Caminante Nocturno
He's right next to Sailor Moon.

I got a little Chun Li in me.

the dope beat
I'm a retard too.
Syd Midnight
I watched it with my grandpa and I cried because he cried.
Syd Midnight
Oh my god ahah

Better than the ending song of Avatar.
Jimmy Labatt
Needs a Picnicface tag
I'll take your word for that

Caminante Nocturno
Makes me proud of my country and its beats.
fade to black cue: applaud? open cellphone? race rest of audience to restrooms? pick up/or don't pick up popcorn mess on seat?...
Big Muddy
I know I've mentioned on here somewhere about 80's movies self-referencing theme songs, but they absolutely rool.

Do yourself a favor and watch

Saving Private Ryan cause he can't save himself,
and you know gettin saved is good for your health!
Big Muddy
Oh what the hell no no no. I was going to say watch the end credits of Lethal Weapon for gods sake fuck.

The Mothership
War sure is wack!
That guy
This is better than the new BluRay version where the end credits are frickin' Skrillex. Look it up.
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