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Desc:The RightNetwork thought it would be awesome to show you how funny they are. Join them Summer 2010.
Category:Horror, Humor
Tags:white people, funny?, rightnetwork, abortion jokes, a black guy
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Comment count is 19
They never learn, do they?

Y'see, conservatives: You are "the man." You're the ones with the money, or you support them for some reason. You favor the clergy who want to run our sex lives and the workplace that wants us to work for free and be good little drones in the cubicle and at home.

Nothing you say from that perspective can be remotely funny. It's as funny as an inbred royal flogging a peasant.
How is that analogy not funny?

The analogy is funny because I, a peasant, am the one making it.

Can't find enough pro-right jokes deemed funny enough for trailer, uses joke critical of current health care system.

Which is great, but actually fived for "a black guy" tag.
The Great Hippo
That comedian with the health-care joke wasn't too bad. The abortion joke he threw out was also kind of good. Otherwise, they were all shit.

The depths people will go to create insular communities where their perspectives will receive constant support and never be challenged has always fascinated me.
The Great Hippo
I also fucking *love* the name of this thing. "Right2Laugh". Like laughter is a right to assert rather than a pleasure to enjoy.

Also, as if anyone's actively preventing them from being funny. The problem is, ideology is difficult to make funny, be it from the left or the right or the up or the down; humor relies heavily on ideas that are recognizably true, coming into contrast or contradiction with one other. One can poke holes in ideology with humor, but it's much harder to foster ideology with humor.

"The depths people will go to create insular communities where their perspectives will receive constant support and never be challenged has always fascinated me."

Like poeTV?

The guy makes the observation that he has no dental care. The audience laughs. OK so far. But where he differs from most comedians is that he really does think it's awesome that he doesn't have dental care, his audience feels the same way, and they will fight you tooth and nail if you should try to give it to them. Honestly, what kind of sick shit is that?
Goethe and ernie
Barack Obama jokes! Healthcare jokes! White people/black people jokes!
Isn't this a dupe from a week ago?

The right to laugh implies the right not to, doesn't it?
Freedom isn't free. Did you bleed and sweat in the jungle or desert for your right to not laugh? AHHHHH! AHHHHHHHHH!

(this is the basis of my entry into right2laugh... think they'll have me?)

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
I'm taking their rights away to make shitty jokes.
Proving, once again, conservatives aren't funny because they don't allow Jews in.
duppity dupe dupe
Louis Armstrong
Conservatives telling jokes.......the material is bad. The concept, funny.
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