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Desc:Hick teabagger covers Paint It Black, with some truly amazing animation.
Category:News & Politics, Humor
Tags:Tea Party, paint it black, David Cholesterol, BA-Lack HUSSEIN 0Bongo
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Comment count is 19
That's fucking insane.
Probably the most offensive video of the year.
And yet, people where I live in the deep south think nothing of this, like it's just a normal reaction to Obama. Bigotry, ignorance and bears...oh my.

paint black faces

Totally not racist.

The main message is "They passed Obamacare, now I want to take it back". But of course that's rewriting history. The Tea Party backlash wasn't a response to any policy being passed, it started before he even took office. Like John Stewart said, they confused tyranny with losing.
And he's either ignorant of when "czars" started or is perpetuating the ignorance in others.

Obama "won because his skin was black?" I thought it was because he wasn't an arrogant Texan-by-way-of-Connecticut special-needs God-botherer whose party had spent us into oblivion while the so-called "tea party" stood by and cheered.

I guess that explains why Jesse Jackson won the presidency back in.....oh wait.

His name is ---=====> David Cholesterol

that is all
I find that people that don't like Jimmy Carter are people I normally wouldn't associate with anyhow.
You mean the guy who basically created the religious right in America? Because I don't want to associate with anyone who likes him, either.

My parents reflect on Jimmy Carter as "The most wonderful mistake they ever had the pleasure of voting for".

Oh and conservative humor sucks balls. How can a bunch of God-damn racists fail at being subversive and edgy??

he wasn't trying to be funny. everything he said here was true. obama is malcom x, and something something nancy pelosi. wake up sheeple.

Mister Yuck
2:52 ...
The God of Biscuits
I would give the music 2 stars... but the use of animated GIFs to make this video look like a GeoCities web site circa 1995 makes we want to give this 8 stars. I guess the final score is the average.
"we the people will vote them out when we get to the ballot box"
(cue internet video of retard dance)
Well, at least this eases my mind about whether or not racism has anything to do with irrational Obama hatred.
Five for racist thaumatropes.
Did he say "Demo-brats" toward the end. Kudos for a new diss on the left I hadn't heard before.
I doubt that David Cholesterol knows that the "that's racist" gif is originally from Wonder Showzen.
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