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Desc:If you look behind the mole at the end, you can watch a bonus mushroom grow.
Category:Nature & Places, Pets & Animals
Tags:biology, time lapse, Decay, ecology, you live on a rock coated in bodies
Submitted:Johnny Madhouse
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Background music competition!

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Spike Jonez
5* for "Easy Larva."

Dread Pirate Roberts
It's kinda disturbing to a lot of folks, but I find these videos fascinating and kind of reassuring. Circle of life kind of thing. Nice to be able to see that energy flowing back into nature... even if it does so through bacteria and larva... okay, it's a bit disturbing, but still!
Johnny Madhouse
This is apparently the result of only forty hours of decomposition. It must be neat, living in a moist place where you can watch nature move so fast.
The end makes me think that the log in the background finds this very arousing.
See, it's not just OUR nature to strip a resource bare and move on.
Jet Bin Fever
What's interesting is that those blowflies can find a corpse within MINUTES and start laying eggs in the mouth and anus of the corpse... they say its some sort of chemical smell that it gives off or perhaps they're constantly surveying. When the larva hatch they move inwardly from those egg sites (orifices, wounds, etc) to the abdomen. Meanwhile, methane gas released by trapped bacteria (no GI activity) builds within the gut, causing that bloated appearance at the start of this film, called the bloat phase. In active decay it collapses after a while as the maggots race inward feeding off the necrotic tissue...
this video didn't even show things like Carrion Beetles that move in after the flies are done with it.
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