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Desc:Time lapse of consumerism in action.
Category:Short Films, Business
Tags:time lapse, walmart
Submitted:Daddy Warcrimes
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Comment count is 21
Frank Rizzo
Insulting to ants.

Ants are better than us because we buy things?

Ants are productive, bro.

Ants are great because they can lift 3x times their weight, and sometimes more.

I think what he means is that ants are better than us because they never shopped at Wal-mart in the first place.

Although we're getting fatter, ants still beat us in biomass.

Daddy Warcrimes
One thing that has been pointed out in the discussion thread where I originally got this video -- this particular Walmart isn't really that busy.

There is no such thing as a Wal-Mart that has more than one lane open on any day except Christmas Eve. Either that, or this was in Germany or something where workers have rights.
Or if you looked at the time you'd see it was at 2:02 am.

Well, that's... exactly as I thought it would look like?

What are those spinning triangle things at the end of the checkout lines?
Daddy Warcrimes
Lazy Susans for bagging.

Spinning Masonic pyramids.

5 stars for Freemason reference out of nowhere.

I can't help but watch the little plastic bag carousels. All those bags probably ending up in landfill. (Of course the products going into the bags are too...)
pressed peanut sweepings
fat people
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Everybody wang chung tonight!
Rabid Vegan
Where are all the fat people in rascals? I only spottet one. Clearly this proves that America is not getting fat at all, Mr. Gore!
It sounds like the WalMartcoaster Tycoon soundtrack.
This isn't too surprising for the average amount of traffic in a Walmart.
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