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Desc:Why don't y'all think logically about this
Category:News & Politics, Religious
Tags:Tea Party, NWO, obama derangement syndrome, Sons of Liberty, frightened and confused
Submitted:Syd Midnight
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Syd Midnight
I wanted to troll him but he's a precious work of art
wtf japan
I wish God would hurry up and rapture these people.
He doesn't want to put up with them any more than we do.

OR SHE!!!!!

waterboard him!

*sniff* Bless you sir. In a cold bleak world, you have made me laugh again. And again. And again.

Oh please make a video of your home. I'd love to see a house where handguns are used as paperweights. Ten to one says this guy can't walk two paces in his house without being able to reach for a firearm of some sort.
Syd Midnight
I'll betcha them jews ain't never seen no gun like this here Desert Eagle.

Pretty sure it's a dupe.
The Mothership
Positive; but I couldn't find it.

Syd Midnight
I always check first, but I'm not sure what the obvious tags would be besides "NWO". I found the "Obama derangement syndrome" tag while looking for it.

Needless to say, his Youtube page is worth a peek.


It must be really confusing to be one of these people right now.
Night Train to Mundo Fine
These cowboy fetish videos are so sexy.
Call in yer dogs and piss on the fire, b'cuz your campin' days are soon over. Y'know.
You feel lucky punk? 'Cause I'm all outta chewin' gum!

Caminante Nocturno
The New World Order probably feels embarrassed that this is the most resistance their leaked plans are getting.
Herd rage.
Meanwhile, at the Legion of Doom...
He just intimidated the illuminati into canceling their NWO by pointing his gun at a webcam in his garage and yelling.

Just watch, no new world order. This guy is a goddamned hero.
But where will the statues of him be?
Two words: Predator Drone.
Well, I hope he gives me a few hours to pack first. Somehow I missed the social cues.
Future CNN clip.
That's all well and fine, but you sir need to understand that this can only embolden and encourage whatever perceived threat you are going on about.
I am of the opinion that anyone who uses a gun to illustrate their point in a YouTube video should not legally be allowed to own a firearm.

Any of you poeTV regulars with a southern accent, I feel sympathy for you. I do.
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