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Desc:A great clip from a really awful and exploitive reality show.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:Bigfoot, Scare Tactics, reality tv, scream
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Comment count is 17
"You're fucking DEAD!... Just Kidding" the TV show.

"Elaborate ways to get girls to put my hand on her boobs" the TV show

Thanks for submitting, I'd forgotten all about this.
Yes, Itīs awful and exploitive, and I love it so, so much.
I was hoping the bigfoot would come back with the guy's shotgun in hand, but that might have been too scary.
Fun, but is it totally fake? How do the victims not see the seventeen cameras that surround them?
I love this show! Where is Shannon? Did they repackage the show so it could be aired without giving her royalties or something? Say what you will about her but she gave off a sexy "evil" vibe that was perfect for this show.
"Who do we want to host our TV show? Has to be someone with good diction, a certain bearing."

"I know this dude from the Bronx, he's usually drunk and he talks like he's missing a few front teeth."

"Good enough."
tracy morgan!?!?!?
wtf japan
You should never be surprised to see Tracy Morgan anywhere.

They still haven't been able to top the rat monster episode, but this came pretty close.
Operation Cornflakes
If by "awful" you mean "awesome"
I haven't seen this in ages. I like how the accomplice guy is a terrible actor and can't keep a smirk off his face.

Also, 90% of the time the response to: "You're on Scare Tactics!" is: "What the hell is scare tactics?".
Testicles of Doom
"I like how the accomplice guy is a terrible actor and can't keep a smirk off his face."

I was thinking this too, but then I realized that I would probably be laughing my ass off the first time they scream, ruining the whole deal.

Dread Pirate Roberts
I love this show for the horror, but also for the sheer relief the victims have at the end. It's kinda neat to see their renewed love of life just shine on their faces.
Jet Bin Fever
5 for the jackass who just smiles and laughs the ENTIRE TIME.
This is fucking stupid.
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