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Desc:Dwayne & Bill have a beach adventure. Dwayne falls and is tortured by a woman with suntan lotion.
Tags:true forced loneliness, TFL, dwayne holloway, chismah
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Comment count is 29
Poor Dwayne and Bill, watching that woman touch her breasts right infront of them. Truly martyrs of our times.
when they die, they will be patron saints for many sad TFL sufferers

Urkel Forever
Shorter Version: I can't get laid. One day I may kill a woman. I am unable to support myself on sand. New World Order reference.
I'm surprised he didn't blame sand on the NWO.

Dwayne is not ever going to be able to catch anything that wasn't already dying.

Hippocratic? HAHAHAHAHA!!!
Outside of his career in medicine Hippocrates was a major cock-tease.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
He vlogs from Bill's rape den.
Fantastic. He has learned much from the dark TFL Lord RavenGaigeSmith. Soon it will all be about wusty wazuh bwades and fawwopian tubes.
His visit with Bill has made him worse. Before I saw him as the less misogynistic, more sympathetic one, now he's all KILL BECAUSE WOMEN TAUNT ME BY PUTTING ON SUNSCREEN WHILE AT THE BEACH.
And things of that nature

"I usually only ... read about [the ocean] in books"

No you don't, come on. The closest you get to reading about the ocean in books is 1 tsp of sea salt in your cookie recipes.
"the early 82s"
wouldn't it have been summer of 82? that's like mid to late 82s.

But yeah I like the part where he gets tired before they can figure out where to put the tripod so that the sun's not in the frame. I have to wonder if that's due to fatness or them really not being able to figure it out. Both are pretty likely.
Dr Dim
The internet, bringing hate filled loners together since some time in the 90s*

*I don't care what year specifically, aspies
Early 92s

So he's in Florida, in a hoodie?

And I know people like this. They'll whine about not being able to get a date and that nobody truly loves anymore, but they appear to have a "no fat chicks" policy, even though their own physique makes sponge cake look ripped.
You forget about the one that took Dwayne's virginity.


Sudan no1
Most of this seems to be Bill and Dwayne projecting their own thoughts on to these women "teasing" them.

And wow, this takes a turn for the dark at the end.
Um, the "Big Brother" cameras are SECURITY cameras, YOUR camera YOU'RE taking on the beach is assumed to be for pervy masturbatory usage. Add in the guy is likely huffing and puffing with great effort while simply walking along the sand he keeps sinking into while likely wearing a hoodie in Florida in May (?!?) and, yeah, there's a lot of suspicious goin' on right there.

Then at 4:47 the paranoid schizophrenia kicks in and we realize this man is going to hurt or kill some poor woman some day.
From the YouTube comments:

"MolechHunter - I like you dood but this is all in your mind not hers. You know dam well you would not be able to get up with that.

This is a complete delusion. You might of been able to get hooked up had you hollered, Have you seen any porn recently?

It's all interracial you have better chance than most white guys but you need to be packing big beef or be able to front like you have a 20 foot penis."
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
That made my morning.

You create your own killers. Let me just say that fifteen more times, ladies. In this global society, you create your own killers, and things of that nature. Men have more heart than women. You create your own killers. Take care, everybody.
Weally wusty wazors.
They should cut out their tummies and things of that nature!

Whatever happened to Mr. Ravengaigesmith?

Love the mental image of him struggling, falling and then glaring at some poor random girl.
"Men do have more hearts than women do."
Sweet we have multiple hearts. Suck on that females!
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