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Desc:For-profit colleges speeding along the next potential debt crisis!
Category:News & Politics, Educational
Tags:PBS, college, frontline, Debt, university of phoenix
Submitted:Gamara II
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Comment count is 17
God forbid people make money on a service people demand.
Rodents of Unusual Size
Thank God you'll never know the joy of giving them your money.

Umm... people make money in a public system too, moron. You don't really understand the difference between "non-profit" and "for profit", do you?

The problem is that what they're paying for and what they're getting are not the same. Are you really so fucking thick, you fucking thick thicky thick fucking fucko?
They're still better off than morons who major in Philosophy at state universities.

Cena mark, here is some data for the you:


Also see: http://www.usi.edu/libarts/phil/faq.asp

Oh and this pdf "Philosophy Majors Well-Prepared for Life"

http://departments.colgate.edu/philosophy/Colgate_Philosophy_M ajor.pdf

oh cena! its like you never left! be still my heart!

It remains to be seen how useful a for-profit degree will be in the long term. I've heard multiple accounts of professors at these institutions being assigned students who lacked basic writing and math skills. These students weren't forced to undergo remediation, (they would be at a community college) and their professors were evaluated based on how many students passed and stayed in the program. It's not hard to see how this situation could result in graduates who've accumulated massive debt, but still lack the basic abilities expected by employers.

My friend worked in an advising position at a school that was in the process of moving everything online and he had the fun experience of watching them trade quality of education for higher enrollment. Someday you'll be able to get the degree with a side of french fries.

"The education system that was created hundreds of years ago needs to change"

It'd bad enough that you're the fucking devil, but don't assert that your degree mills actually do a better job than real colleges.
I thought his points about how long it can take to introduce innovations in traditional colleges were pretty reasonable. For-profits have a lot of issues, but from what I've heard they do a much better job at minimizing bureaucratic nonsense.

I'm actually okay with the fact that my school doesn't have a furry-american studies program now. They probably have a viral marketing concentration though.

btw, "Influence" is awesome, thank you for the heads up.

UoP can eat a dick. I was enrolled with them for a semester, realized what a sham they were and quit. Ended up costing me over two grand. This was when they were first starting out, mind you, so they didn't quite have the shitty rep then that they do now.

Jet Bin Fever
They say knowledge is power. Indeed it is... but unless both your university and your program are nationally accredited, you might as well go to the public library and read a book. It's free and you'll probably learn a lot more in the process.

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