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Desc:Bunch of weirdos invent a new sport.
Category:Sports, Religious
Tags:Jesus, extreme, liquid mountaineering, mocumentary
Submitted:Adham Nu'man
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Comment count is 19
James Woods
Is this a viral ad for hi-tec? I see it plastered all over their clothes and the close up of the shoe.
yup. needs viral marketing tag and indignant one star ratings.

On it, bro!

Mister Yuck
One star for the closeup on the Hi Tec logo and my disappointment when I realized what was going on. I wanted this to be real, those bastards were toying with me!

Dread Pirate Roberts
It's getting some good press coverage across the internet... at least on an initial google search.

I'm pretty sure it's fake, myself, but it would be awesome if it were real.
It's both fake and awesome.
No! Lies! Everything fake is awful! One-starring is how I prove I'm an internet detective!

It's how I prove I'm bored.

Fake stuff is awful when the fake stuff would only be cool if it were real, which is the case in this video (awful because it'd only be cool if it were real). That said, this is a pretty good parody of goofy invented sports so 4 stars.

So sick of viral bullshit.
Adham Nu'man
It's a pretty awesome spoof of extreme sports videos, and its absolutely ludicrous yet deadpan delivery made me, for a few moments, believe it was all real.
The only thing missing is energy drink sponsorship..

La Loco
All you people calling this fake are wrong. I've been doing this sport on my own for awhile. Trust me and go out and try it yourself. The real trick is to coat yourself in corn starch so that the water becomes a non newtonian fluid when you run across it.
Five star because there are people out there that will believe it is real, so it's real enough.
Fuck it. I'm gonna go try and run on water now.
It's not a commercial, it's Marketainment!
This is just fucking STRIDE GUM ALL OVER AGAIN!
One star.
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