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Desc:Keep that head tucked in, fella
Category:Pets & Animals
Tags:Roomba, turtle, cruelty to animals
Submitted:Daddy Warcrimes
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Comment count is 14
Roomba, household appliance or pet torture device, you decide.
Now, you gonna be nice to the dog, or do you need another Roomba Time Out?
Rape Van Winkle
One star for actual cruelty.
I wouldn't expect acguy who calls himself "Rape van Winkle" to be such a pussy.

Is that a turtle with its head smashed in?

pressed peanut sweepings
it's a kind of soft....oh, you mean his emoticon thingy.


That's as close to a BattleTurtle as technology currently allows.

Does he apply Turtle Wax on the vacuumed surfaces?
Spike Jonez
Wassa matta, mata-mata?
Lord Peter Wimsley
The head hole is pretty scary.
Is it going too fast?
That looks like a snapping turtle. One does not taunt snapping turtles, nor keep them as pets for long...
Spit Spingola
Cute little soft shelled turtle. This doesn't seem that cruel when there are tons of videos from Japan of people lopping their heads off and pouring sake down their bloody neck holes.

La Loco
Where spit, I wanna see this.

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