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Category:Educational, Educational
Tags:james randi, JREF, class act
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Comment count is 12
I'm hoping advances in suspended animation will be enough to make sure we'll have this guy around in the future.
Think about it won't you? Thank you!
5 stars for internet people who blindly nod at anything a sage beardo who doesn't like Christians says, whether or not he may actually be right. He could tell his devotees that the ocean is made of spongecake and the moon is a half inch tall... as long as he rubs their intellectual egos and makes them feel smarter than the kids at school.
pressed peanut sweepings
Yeah, well, that there was a right good thing that came out of his purdy mouth.

Randi loves Christians. His grandfather, at least. JREF isn't anti-religious or an atheist organization, and Randi's skeptical followers will post comments there if he says anything stupid or wrong.

Tell me something, Mr. Skeptic, has it ever occurred to you to be skeptical of... your skepticism? GOT YOUR ASS NOW YOU HAVE TO LOVE JESUS

Interesting comment, since people who in fact actually think like Randi ARE smarter than many people. So, if by agreeing with his sentiments you're trying to say that all I want to do is feel smarter than other people, you'd be wrong. I already KNOW I'm smarter than the people he ridicules, for an absolute fact. I just like knowing there are wise, older people who are smarter than me. It's encouraging.

Hay Belly
"It's on the internet therefore it's faddish crap."

This is heartwarming. Five for lack of evil?
MacGyver Style Bomb
A better man then any of us.
warms my heart
Way to go James Randi, now in a thousand years empires will be committing genocide in the name of the Lord Mister Foster Thy God.

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