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Desc:Malibu Comics?!? What the hell is Malibu Comics?!?
Category:Cartoons & Animation
Tags:Marvel Comics, Horrible cartoon infinity, 1990s, trying too hard, ultraforce
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Comment count is 10
Could have used a volume warning. Just saying.

Want to minus one star for that, but the amount of stupid going on here is absolutely unconscionable, so five.
The early 90s comic boom was a dark time, wasn't it? Just a big ol' glut of two-bit outfits attempting to get their own two-bit superhero universes out there on the shelves, using every gimmick they could to drum up interest. A bajillion variant covers, chromium, holographic, holo-foil, all of it junk. Malibu Comics were no different.
Caminante Nocturno
0:08 is the most hamfisted metaphor for puberty I have ever seen.

Also holy shit did American comics suck in the 90's.
Malibu was just pissed that they lost out on all that Image Comics money.
Rob Liefeld, the series.

That being said, I would probably watch the piss out of this if I had it on dvd.
Ghoul? Contrary?? THE FUCK??!!
Holy shit, Hardcase just threw his own logo at some guys. I want that power. To hell with business cards.
Jet Bin Fever
Can someone make me an animated .GIF of that Prime transformation. I need some new beatoff material.
Rum Revenge
I shit you not, I have almost an entire set of trading cards (including very rare holographics) for this universe. It did not sell on eBay.

I remember Captain Marvel ripoff and Iron Man ripoff. Hardcase wasn't really a ripoff of anyone, but just a generic prettyboy hero. I think Ghoul was somewhere in there, too. The ladies, including the one what stole Prof. X's chair, are new to me.

That guy with the pumpkin head? Name's Lord Pumpkin.

I have to go shower my shame off now.
Wait, all their bad guys are fucking Halloween monsters? That's horrible.
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