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Desc:He's calling us violent! Let's beat 'im!
Category:News & Politics
Tags:Uppsala, lars vilks, mohammad, invisible sky wizard
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Frank Rizzo


Those euro cops are pussies. They couldn't put an effective smack down on that insane mob.

What's funny is you call Muslims savages yet have no problem with a national day of prayer.

I think most religion is fundamentally savage.

pressed peanut sweepings
Cena, you're a cock.

.....I agree.

Yeah, Harriet's right. Those National Day of Prayer events were just one long MMA match from coast-to-coast.
Effing bloodthirsty xian terrorists.

Eroticus E
All religions are stupid. Islam is stupid and horrifyingly dangerous.

Frank Rizzo
I missed you cena mark.

Right, W.E.B. Dubois, me not getting my panties in a bunch over the existence of a day nobody gives a shit about anyways equates me to people who threatened to kill Lars Vilks.
"They murdered Theo Van Gogh, but look Cena_mark doesn't think the National Day of Prayer is unconstitutional, what a savage"
Sorry guys. Sorry I can't be as atheist as you. I'll wank off to some Dawkins until I'm as bitter and spiteful towards religion as the rest of you.


When you have ANY government sanctioned religion, no matter how insignificant the sanction might be, it is the first link in a chain that binds everyone to a state religion.

The reasoning for this is that it is ambiguous where to draw any line between harmless endorsement and state controlled religion. What endorsement is reasonable? What endorsement is too much?

Thankfully, the First Amendment states CLEARLY that our government cannot prohibit or endorse any religion. And by that statement alone, the US Constitution is (and is rightly so) a godless constitution.

Finally, you should be aware that there are Christian extremeists who are willing to kill in the name of their god.

The problem is not with Islam or Christianity. The problem stems from thinking you know the mind of god. So you don't have to take responsibility for your actions simply because you did what god told you to do.

When you understand that concept, you'll understand why the First Amendment is critical to any country that calls itself free.

I should rephrase the last sentence from "First Amendment" to "Freedom of Religion" - since many countries have adopted the latter even though it may not be their former.

And my paragraph is also addressed to Cena, since he clearly does not understand the concept of freedom for everyone - only freedom for people like him.

By the length of it, it looks like Harriet put some thought and effort into her lecture there. Could somebody read it for me and post a 2 to 3 sentence synopsis?

Sorry but for once I'm gonna agree with Cena Mark. Fuck these people. Someone makes a cartoon of Mohammad with a bomb turban so they fire bomb the newspaper offices. They're fucking stuck in the 14th century and need to catch the fuck up.

Plenty of Muslims have become fine upstanding members of modern society but then you have the fearful irrational assholes who want to enact violence on people who insult their faith.

Christians do as well but its much less prevalent in today's society and there are currently no Christian Theocratic governments. Only one religion is still ruling entire countries and executing people who don't follow their laws. And it's not the Christians.

Hey, you'd be stuck in the 14th century too if that was when you were the dominant cultural and scientific force in the world at the time. It's like boomers who can't stop fetishizing the '60s.

Rodents of Unusual Size
I don't think it's politically incorrect to say that any Muslim that thinks that a cartoonist is evil for drawing a doodle making fun of a fictional person is functionally retarded and deserves to be smacked around.

But then, so do a lot of fundamentalist Christians. Can't we all just get along and call all of these people the dim, nosepicking, special shoe wearing mongs that they are?

luckily Muslims are the only people that attack people intentionally trying to piss them off.

Wahhhh, he drew a PICTURE!!! WAHH!!!

Damn, Islam, lighten the fuck up.
Please do not misconstrue these assholes as representatives of Islam.

rel. of pc.

But they ARE representatives of Islam. Part of Islam's core beliefs is an irrational, violent hatred of anything that can possibly be construed as a criticism of Muhammed or a portrayal of him as anything other than a blessed prophet. It's in the "manual" so to speak. Either you take this doctrine seriously, or you choose to somehow rationalize that it isn't part of your belief system, yet still claim to be Muslim, without that you've just conceded that your religion is 100% MAN MADE because you just made a conscious, earthly decision to modify the religion to your own taste and God hasn't struck you down. Yet, rather admit your religion is false, you continue on as a "moderate" or "peaceful" Muslim, which makes no sense. These people ARE representatives of their religion and religion in general. You cannot have religion and, at the same time, NOT have people like this. Religion by its very nature INSPIRES zealots who believe they pray harder, that God listens to them better, that they are the superior worshipper, that they have access to knowledge and wisdom that others don't and that God wants THEM to enforce his supposed laws (i.e. the laws actually created by man to benefit a select population of the religious).
Islam, like all the great monotheisms, is a disgusting, violent, primitive, ignorant form of spirituality and either you are down with it completely, which is bad enough, or you are fooling yourself and just perpetuating evil like this in the world.

What's it called when atheists use a "no true Scotsman" argument to tell religious people what they have to believe to be considered members of their own religion? Is there a special name for it or is it just called being a tool?

It's annoying, but somewhat understandable, when a fundamentalist or orthodox believer criticizes you for not following their religion. But when someone who selectively ignores certain unpalatable parts of their faith does it, they had better not go after you for ignoring the rest of it as well.

* "but someone who... had better not..."

Stanley, how is that different than Christianity or Judaism?

It isn't any different. Sam Harris talks about this a lot; the fundamentalists are "right" in the sense that you don't get to pick and choose what parts of the purported Word of God you're going to obey. You can't simply write of the crazier shit when the entire basis of the work's authority is that it's divinely inspired.

What a bunch of diarrhea brains. I can't wait until people give up on acutely constructing identities for themselves.

Also, did anyone else hear that Mohammad raped and killed a girl in 1990? I'm not saying this is true, only that it's been said, and begs the question why Muslims have not addressed this accusation, if in fact it is not true.
Rodents of Unusual Size
Jerry Springer U begins to rethink its name...

Nothing says, 'Time to go," like 6 guys in heavy jackets screaming ALLAHU AKBAR!
Five stars for the guy who actually assaulted the guy just getting up and walking away @ :08 as a police(?) security(?) officer MOVES AWAY FROM HIM and lets him run away.

I don't know what is more worthy of a stars, the goofy police who have no control over the situation or the goofier looking extremists howling and sort of hopping around unsure of what to do next.

this looks like a bunch of monkeys fighting.


Five stars!
you do not deserve such civil police

The Dutch were ill-prepared for these ignorant savages.

This was clearly a staged reenactment. Not one person was shot or tazed by the cops when clearly those people in semi-violent protest were brown.

I thought at first that he was the cartoonist who drew the picture of Mohammed with a bomb turban, but he's the one who drew a dog with Mohammed's head. It's pretty offensive. Looks like Peter Sellers done up like an Indian with this half ass scribbled dog body. No wonder they are angry.
What a bunch of pussies, getting their asses handed to them by the world's wussiest police/security force.
Freeman Gordon
Another detail that didn't got mentioned: on the floor next to the broken spectacles of the artist, a policeman had lost his firearm.

Dr Dim
Most religious people are fine. Islam definitely has its share of psychos but the majority are normal people.
Dr Dim
Supposed to be a reply to Rizzo.

There is probably not much point saying this but talking about Islam as a homogeneous entity is pointless. There are secular muslims who have only a token social interest in religion, there are pious muslims who are non violent, there are militant extremists. Unfortunately the most extreme version of Islam is also the one that has billions of dollars in oil money behind it.

Hey, they're free to draw lame cartoons about Jesus ANY OL' TIME. Is your faith in your prophet so slim that being in the presence of mockery of him actually makes him go away?
There's nothing that any cartoonist can draw that is as embarrassing to Muhammad as some of his followers reacting with violent tantrums or death threats to a cartoon.

Don't doubt my love of freedom. I love freedom more than anyone else here. You're right. To justify the National Day of Prayer requires bending the meaning of the First Amendment. I'd have no problem with it being struck down by the courts. However the day is benign and has done nothing to hurt your freedoms. You could argue it'll lead to a slippery slope, but there have been plenty of secular victories that would prevent the National Day of Prayer from hurting you. Just look at the victories against the 10 Commandments in court rooms.
I consider myself agnostic. Yet I do not loath the religious as you. Does being enlightened require the bitterness you hold towards religion and the people who adhere to such religions. Perhaps I don't hold that bitterness as unlike you Tubbyman I was not fondled by the priest as child. I'm sorry you've been scarred by that but forgiveness is the best medicine.
Atheists are among the most hated minorities out there, but taking away the tians ten commandment plaques and their day of prayer won't help you to be accepted in American society. You need to accept the fact that the religious need these little things. Leave them alone, and maybe later they won't hate you as much.
Hi Cena!

First, Prof. Dorkins hates Islam more than he hates Christianity. He sees it as far more dangerous in the world today. Most atheists agree on that; you'd kinda have to be stupid to disagree. At any rate, I totally agree with you: Islam is trouble, more than the vilest Baptist or Catholic community. Perhaps not the vilest; there are a handful of spectacular examples of Christianity out there, but by and large, yeah. Fucking Islam, man.

I just want to point out to you that that other video on the front page today, this one:


The people who sponsored that ad are campaigning for this guy:


He might win! So yeah. That 'ten commandments' shit matters. Leaving Christians alone is not the answer.

As for atheism vs agnosticism, it's a meaningless distinction; even (you brought him up, so I'll mention him again) Dawkins says he is not completely certain that there is no god. Do you agree that there is no reason to believe in a deity? You're an atheist! High five!

also: savages

You don't think a holiday that was designed to bring certain people together by ostracizing a minority does any harm?

Ok, let's say it doesn't. Staill, aren't we supposed to be better than that?

Can you really say with a straight face that you feel ostracized by National Prayer Day? I haven't felt ostracized by the Christians since I started sleeping in on Sundays.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Why do you cocklords entertain the Cena?
Probably just for the fact that I had to scroll for ten seconds just to get to your comment.

We need a T-800 to send through time to wack Abraham before he breeds, we could kill three birds with one hyper-alloy combat chassis.
so your solution to violent religiosity is violence anti-religiosity (and time travel)?

Or just sort of scare him so thousands of years later we'll have three terminator religions (only two of them will be any good and no one talks about the fourth religion.)

I'm surprised that noone has mention that this rioting started when Lars Vils started showing a gay porn movie where the participants were wearing Muhammed masks.

before that he was merely booed at

oh I'm sorry, that's not relevant to you on any level? sorry for wasting your time

if you're trying to justify violence as an acceptable response to the expression of an idea then no it's not relevant

This was obviously the reaction the dude was trolling for. He got exactly what he wanted.

I should I should five star this one for this dude's ability to make me agree with Muslim extremists. Buutttt I don't feel like it.

James Woods
Wow, yeah, that's a pretty important piece of info right there.

Impressive, they merely booed before resorting to violence. Is Islam being depicted as something perverse relevant to you in any way? Or do you live under a fucking rock?

Rodents of Unusual Size
This man is now my hero.

AmericanAir: Jesus, fuck what are you on about? I haven't taken a single stance on this, I just find that showing Muhammed gay porn as a huge act of IRL-trolling merits MENTIONING!


frankly, since I live in Sweden nowadays and have been reading about this quite a lot these last days I must say that everyone involved disgusts me. I just overheard some pimple-faced skinheads hailing Vilks as a hero on the subway and I kinda made me lose my faith in humanity.

There are a lot of places where doing that with Jesus would probably get you dragged behind a truck. Just sayin'.

No hard feelings bongo, I just love stoking this sweet, sweet fire.

But, there is an aspect of this video that reminds me of my days working at a bookstore. Some insane Christian lady bought a book called God is a Lie (or something) and then returned it by throwing it at me. Why would Muslims want to attend a lecture harshly criticizing Islam?

Seems as societies get more tolerant and civilized the religious nuts have to actively seek out material for their victim complex.

They wanted to be trolled. It makes me wonder if this cartoonist makes this shit more for Muslims or people that share his view. Either way, poetv is cool.

It really isn't an important piece of info. Violence in response to the mere expression of ideas is unacceptable. Children know this.

Yeah, children don't reflexively hit each other for things they say


James Woods
I love this fucking thread.
Five stars for the fagdance of comments you guys have provided.

Keep it up.
comment achievement unlocked
That guy
v Mohammad v


^ Mohammad ^
look at this bunch of crazy-ass belligerent extremist fuckwad morons, this shit makes me sick
These lunatics need to be send in a rocket to the sun ASAP
Thats my old logic teacher in the front row!
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