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Desc:A cartoon that simply must be seen to be believed. Dwarven psychotropic milk cures depression!
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Advertisements
Tags:Milk, dwarves, Dwarf Fortress, Bordens, Sunshine Makers
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Comment count is 6
That's some powerful radioactive milk they're making. You can see that dwarf's bones after he drinks it.
So damn much going on in this cartoon:

- Pagan sun worship.
- Manic dwarves, depressive dwarves.
- The almost painful looking perverse "transformation" of the sad dwarves into happy dwarves, mincing effeminately.
- Grasshopper cart.
- Borden's didn't publically air this until the 1950s, for television. WHY DID IT LANGUISH TWO DECADES?!
Maybe because happiness apparently can be achieved with a full blown retaliation and indoctrination of the enemy to achieve "a perfect world"? I weep for the obliteration of their culture and the destruction of the environment they lived in.

That's a bunch of liberal crap. The Sad culture was obviously inferior to that of the Gnomes. Its like our war against Islam.

Off course it's liberal crap. Anything that is effective can't be real. Supposing it's America's war vs the Islam overestimates America's powers.
It's more like Maoist China vs Tibet: Tibet's overrun and won. The Sad culture is the (Dalai) Llama's culture.

Milk for war!
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