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Category:Business, Educational
Tags:dont touch me, asian kids, baby assault
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Comment count is 11
The adult commentary doesn't help...
La Loco
D'aaawwwww, she thinks she's people.
split tail
no i not interesting, max don't touch me!
Max is clearly fascinated by the fact that every time he touches this thing to his right, it squirms and makes exciting noises.
there's a video where they're older, in a car, called "I won't play with you ever again", where Max is in a car seat and talking and she's like "Please don't talk to me. Please leave me alone. Don't talk. Talk to yourself."

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=00mkmvzZFyk&feature=player_embe dded

It's not as cool as the video where Max is a baby, though.

Albuquerque Halsey
As an Asian woman, she will need to be accustomed to being groped.
ĞEh wanch to mashturbateğ

he wants the manta ray.

Max: "This is so awesome."
Max is already a guy doing what you don't want him to do-
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