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Desc:Huang suffers from an extreme form of neurofibromatosis.
Tags:tumor, body shock, huang chuncai, neurofibromatosis
Submitted:Foux du Fafa
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Comment count is 13
He's sort even for Han.
Er, short

They should have shown him with his girlfriend dressed in the gold bikini and neck chain.

Dude, I would've offed myself years ago if this were me.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
All these Huang Chuncai vids are a couple years old. He's had one operation, and the last news I saw, was scheduled for another. Does anyone know if it was performed?
I just ate.

Let's google it at a less sober time...

I googled for it, all I can find is that his first 2 operations were successful and that he was scheduled for a third, but I can't find anything saying whether or not he's had a 3rd. All total, he's had 43 of the 51 pounds of tumor removed.

Just enough time in the documentary to laugh at the unfortunate mutant man, the entirety of how or why he is this way has been conveniently cut off of the end of the video for your 3 minute, semi-educational viewing pleasure.

5 stars for my own commentary on youtube culture, 3 stars for the video itself.
La Loco
Kanedaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Tetsuoooooooooooooo!
everytime your emo cousin/little sister cries on facebook "im not allowed to go to the movies! my phone is broke FML" post this video as a reply.
Rodents of Unusual Size
well Im not eating dinner now.
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