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Desc:Pretty much
Category:Accidents & Explosions, Arts
Tags:Alice Cooper, Poison, stagecraft
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Comment count is 9
You can tell the exact moment when the kid with the Les Paul realizes they are sucking.
It's right around :39. The realization is so painful, a gray mist of fear-poop billows out of his anus and briefly fogs the stage.
Now if their band had been called Fear Poop, all would have been forgiven.

And in their debut, self-titled album all their songs could be named after excrement. It would go triple-platinum in Germany!

This is my favorite Alice Cooper song. Five stars of disgust.
Almost as bad as the original.
Goethe and ernie
When the singing started, I initially thought it was just someone who happened to be standing next to the camera, singing along.
This is why your supposed to cover Nirvana songs. Turn up the volume, plug in a Turbo Rat, scream into the mic and you can do no wrong.
Fucking tuners, how do they work?

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