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Desc:see title
Category:Stunts, Horror
Tags:martial arts, South Korea, Molten, Lead, unfitting music
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Comment count is 22
He's no Julian the Apostate.

Julian the Apostate was forced to drink molten gold after being captured by the Turkish sultan... an ironic end that satisfied his many Christian enemies across the border. He was then skinned and his skin was tanned, stuffed, and hung on a wall outside his palace.

Seriously overkill for a guy who just wanted to reopen Delphi and sacrifice a hecatomb.

pressed peanut sweepings

Was there another Julian the Apostate?

that did not happen to julian the apostate, what are you CRAZY

Yeah. Consuming heavy metals. Always a good idea.
Dread Pirate Roberts
What's up with the Batman type music? Seriously!
Besides being awesome? I mean what planet are you from?

My framing nailer is about 15 times faster than your Korean.
It's not eating, if you just spit it out when it's solid.

You have to pass it.
wtf japan
[joke about Korean barbeque]
[followup joke regarding kimchi]

Leidenfrost effect. Since the boiling lead is 1740C, the saliva in his mouth boils instantly keeping a layer of steam between the lead and his mouth so that little heat transfers. When it has cooled enough to be solid but not cooled enough for the Leidenfrost effect to fail, he spits it out. So long as everything the lead touches is wet and as long as he spits it out before too long, he won't get hurt. It's still super impressive.
I know it works, but how does that work! Even steam is hot enough to cook you, and this isn't like briefly sticking your wet hand into a vat of the stuff.

Getting me pissed.

I'm surprised he was able to touch it with his teeth, though.

Syd Midnight
The difference between these guys and your old science teacher is their sheer pain tolerance, though my 11th grade science teacher was no slouch in that department either.

"Eat lead, dirty Chinaman"

The second act should be a video in and of itself. Those blocks got their revenge.
His left leg spontaneously vanished as soon as he broke the blocks.

Rodents of Unusual Size
He should get together with that woman that injected cooking oil into her cheeks.
Goethe and ernie
Nowhere near as horrifying as I expected from the title. I'm relieved.
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