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Desc:'...who would notice another madman around here...'
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:WW1, finale, black adder
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Comment count is 11


But still one of the best and most tragic endings to a comedy.
I just finished watching the entire series over 24 or so suppers. This one has teh most "British" ending.
Syd Midnight
It's almost as depressing as the last episode of Hogan's Heroes where Colonel Klink has them all shot right before the camp is liberated

I could never get into this series. Too depressing.
wtf japan
This is by far the darkest season, perhaps appropriately. The rest are pretty light-hearted. Might want to give it another shot.

Season 1 is the money season imo, where Edmund is at his most sniveling/pathetic/ruthless incarnation...but they're all good.

The scene before this one, where Stephen Fry gives Darling his papers to go to the front was a downer as well.

Really? Season One was probably the weakest in terms of writing, but it definitely had some great moments, and a great supporting cast (Peter Cook in the first episode, BRIAN MOTHERFUCKING BLESSED)

I just prefer 1. I liked that version of the character best, the scripts seemed a bit more clever than 2, 3 and 4. I guess an argument can be made that the dialogue is weaker, but only because sometimes the jokes aren't as obvious. Edmund also isn't this edgy witty dick. He's weak, dumb and sniveling. Like the ooze the other Blackadders evolved from (which I guess is the point). I dunno, 1 is almost nothing like 2, 3 and 4 the more I think about it.

My opinion is, I like season 1. All of them are well done though.

Supposedly another series was planned where Blackadder was a spy in Germany during WWII. So while this Blackadder most likely died, the line continued on. But the next season never happened, so I'm guessing dead.

The Blackadder line was confirmed to have continued a full decade later in the special Blackadder: Back & Forth. Kieran27 is wrong and fat and stupid and fat and ugly and did I mention fat at least three times? I don't think I did.

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